About the Galleries at MTSU:

The Todd Art Gallery and it's subsidiary student 210 and Glass Galleries exhibit works of art from emerging and prominent artists in conjunction with studies offered through Middle Tennessee State University's Department of Art and Design. All exhibits are free and open to the public. Exhibits are offered year-round and include open calls and competitions at no expense to students from kindergarten through college undergraduates. In addition, the Gallery supports collaborations with the Rutherford County Property Assessor's Murfree Gallery and with community artists, organizers, and supporters.

Currently, a national competition/exhibition is regularly scheduled. Entitled, Form | Line | Shape | Space: A Juried National Drawing Exhibition emphasizes the continued relevance of drawing and its application to other disciplines. This biennial exhibit will return in spring 2022. 

Often exhibit/competition and invited artists to participate in receptions, lectures, and studio visits with students and the public, composing but a small part of the many educational opportunities the MTSU Department of Art and Design offers the campus and middle Tennessee communities.  

The  AIGA / MTSU student group is accepting submissions of original, creative graphic design works by MTSU graphic design students for a juried exhibit. The exhibit is scheduled for Oct 2-October 9 in the TAG 210 gallery in Todd Hall. This is a juried show so all entries are not guaranteed a spot in the exhibit. 

Digital Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 19, 2021 / 11:59pm

What Kind of Work is Accepted? 
We accept any graphic design work (including, but not limited to print, interactive, illustration, photography, book arts, studio work, etc), freelance work etc. If you want to show it off, submit it! 

Before You Submit,  please carefully note the following:
1. We are waiving the typical entry fee due to the current covid pandemic. Due to this year’s waived fee, you can only (and are encouraged to) submit THREE (3) entries. 

 2. In order to be considered for the gallery exhibit, you must be selected by the jurors AND submit a physical version of your submission (printed poster, printed mock-ups of interactive work, built 3D package etc.). 

Submission Specifications: 

  • 300 dpi images / color mode: RGB  
  • PDF for digital submissions (exported out of InDesign or digital mock-up) 
  • Interactive work must be in digital mock-up / walk-through video format / mp4.  
  • 3D work must be photographed, several views are recommended. 
  • Files must be smaller than 20MB. 
  • Images must be a minimum of 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall and a MAXIMUM of 1500 pixels wide by 1500 pixels tall. 
  • File names should include the entry title, image number (01, 02, 03) and contain NO spaces. Please use underscores. (ex. title_01.pdf). 
  • Physical entries will not be accepted for judging, but if selected to participate in the exhibit, physical entries MUST be provided or you will not be included*. 

*Physical Submission Deadline:
Todd 308. 9pm. Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Other Questions?
Email Ellen Everett (eae2z@mtmail.mtsu.edu) or Macy Blake (meb8v@mtmail.mtsu.edu).

Special Thanks to the MTSU Department of Art and Design for the use of this Submittable.com site!

Call to Graffiti and Street Artists and the Community of Murfreesboro

Stylized Graffiti Wall Art 

Church Street Gallery (CSG) is looking for artists to enrich Murfreesboro's famed "Graffiti Alley." The alley sits adjacent to College Ave, just off N Church Street, near the downtown square.

When: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.—Saturday, October 9, 2021.

Location: Behind Church Street Gallery, 124 N Church Street, Murfreesboro TN 37130. Accessible through CSG or from the alleyway on College Avenue adjacent to Milano's and Jack's Place Bar.

*Winning Artist will receive dinner for two at The Alley in Murfreesboro.

Purpose: Our theme is loosely "outside of society." We intend to build the reputation of Graffiti Alley as a community-driven art space while promoting the involvement of an often underappreciated segment of our artistic community. As such, the work of participating artists will remain on view for a minimum of two months!

This event will be limited to a small number of solo and duo artists based on the amount of wall space available for use. Each participant will be assigned a predetermined amount of wall space to showcase their work. In addition, a portion of space will also be open to the general public to create collaborative works of art.

At the conclusion of Consensual Vandalism, CSG will select from the participating artists two recipients to receive dinner at The Alley in Murfreesboro. Additionally, the selected artwork will be designated as the winner of the first Consensual Vandalism in Graffiti Alley and will remain in place for one year.

Total available space will accommodate 6-10 graffiti and street artists—genre based around street art, graffiti, murals, etc.

Applications must be submitted no later than Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Notification for acceptance will be Monday, September 27, 2021.

To apply, create a no fee Submittable.com account and complete submission process. Submission must include perspective sketch or video of proposed use of wall space.

Artistic styles and concepts sought:

  • Street art
  • Urban art
  • Murals and Muralists
  • Contemporary art
  • Post-graffiti art
  • Writers
  • "Taggers and Throw-ups"

Artists involved should provide their materials, whether paint, spray paint, markers, street dabbers, etc. In addition, each community member may participate with materials provided for their use within the designated space.

CSG invites the public to observe the artists as they create their works in this exhibit and encourages those attending to engage each artist by asking questions. Other family-friendly opportunities include a spray booth for take-home graffiti efforts on cardboard. Also, CSG is issuing a challenge to artists and the community to collaborate on an on-site canvas surface to create up to four different designs. The gallery will ask the community via its social media platforms and website to select their favorite on-canvas collaboration from the four designs. Those who helped create the winning canvas design will receive a party held in both CSG and Graffiti Alley.

CDC recommendations in place for the event will be observed and may include social distancing and face masks.

Following this event, Church Street Gallery will accept applications from all those interested in subsequent renderings of their self-expressions within Graffiti Alley. Each applicant will be assigned a wall space for a two-month display of their work. 

Disclaimer: The spaces of Milano's and Jack's Place Bar are unavailable for this event or any subsequent displays. Also, while CSG respects the beliefs of every artist, those submissions including content deemed "offensive without creative merit" will not be considered for this showcase. Our intention is for everyone interested in Graffiti Alley to respect the assigned spacing and length of time for each artist's work to remain on display. A designated section of wall space will remain available to the community for any time use—all application space will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Join us again in 2022 for the next "Consensual Vandalism" exhibit in Graffiti Alley!

Stylized Graffiti Art on Wall 

Before the official start of the Tennessee STEAM Festival, the downtown square's Church Street Gallery (CSG) is hosting "Out of This World!", a sci-fi-themed showcase of literary and spoken word art. The showcase, which will be held on Friday evening, October 8, 2021, will include live readings and performances by featured artists, with open mic slots included throughout the evening .

The evening is a collaboration with the Bloom Stage, a quarterly storytelling event, and Poetry in the Boro, a monthly reading and open mic series, and the Boro Arts Crawl. Featured performances and activities will include

· an excerpt of War of the Worlds, the 1938 radio drama, which will be performed in its entirety the following week at the Walnut House before a live and participatory audience;

· Murfreesboro Poet Laureate Amie Whittemore reading speculative poetry from her new collection forthcoming from Tolsun Books.

· Sci-fi haiku – write sci-fi inspired haiku to leave for others to read, or to take home with you

Open mic sign-ups for a maximum of 2 pieces or 5 minutes, whichever comes first, will be available on a first-come basis that evening. If you’d like to be considered for a guaranteed feature of up to 7 minutes, please keep reading.

Apply to be a feature

The Church Street Gallery is now accepting proposals from performers of all experience levels to be considered for featured slots of 3 to 7 minutes.

The evening's performances may include poetry, prose, spoken word, storytelling, and comedic & dramatic renderings. Readings or performances should relate indirectly or directly to science fiction or speculative topics; responses to well-known works are also welcome.

Multiple Submissions are required for multiple works to be considered. No fees for one or more submissions.

Purpose: CSG intends to provide an accessible show space for creative writers/performers to present their best science fiction and speculative works for juried selection. Thus, we seek to promote professional and creative networking, provide artistic opportunities, and publicly acknowledge the work and talents of creative verbal artists.

Proposal application includes contact information, a work sample, duration of performance, and any technical requirements. You will need to provide

· An artist bio, 3rd person, no more than 80 words

· A recent work sample, either written or as a hyperlink to a video or performance on YouTube or Vimeo.

· Title and sample or description of work you plan to present.

To submit your application to be a featured reader or performer, create a Submittable.com account and complete the application process.

The deadline to apply is Friday, Oct 1, 2021. Acceptance emails will be delivered no later than Sunday, October 3, 2021.The jury will consider the balance of genres in accepting features. We encourage creatives of all identities to apply.

All presentations will be recorded and promoted on our online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and www.ChurchStreetGalleryBoro.com.

Event Location: Directly behind Church Street Gallery at 124 N Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130, in "Graffiti Alley." Access to the graffiti green space is available through CSG or from the alleyway on College Avenue adjacent to Milano's and Jack's Place Bar.

Event Schedule 6:30–8:45 p.m.—Friday, October 8, 2021

The Event and Covid-19. CDC recommendations in place on October 8, 2021 will be applied during the event and, depending on current community spread, may include social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

For more information please contact:
Eric Snyder, co-owner, Church Street Gallery info@churchstreetgalleryboro.com

Special thanks to Bloom Stage and Poetry in the Boro organizers Kara Kemp and Kory Wells.

MTSU Todd Art Gallery